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AARR hosts competitive matches under both the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) rules as well as world style matches under the World Field Target Federation WFTF rules. Airgun Field Target is played with air rifles and pistols 20 foot pounds of energy (fpe) or less power.  Steel targets with a hole in the face plate are placed at 10 to 55 yards from a shooting position. Competitors must make their pellet go thru a hole in the face plate that is ⅜” of an inch for closer targets, to 2” for most distant targets in windy situations.  If the pellet passes through the hole, the target will fall and the competitor gets a point. There can be up to 25 lanes with two targets per lane to address on a course.

It’s a little like golf in the way you walk from lane to lane addressing different “kill zone” hole sizes at new situations of wind and distance.


Air Guns of Arizona & Air Gun Oregon Extreme Air Gun Challenge
555 Emigrant Creek rd., Ashland, Oregon 97520

Registration/Sign In & Practice Thursday April 27th 2023
After Sign In, practice on the courses can start at 8:00 am Thursday morning. We have to quit by 5:00 pm

AOA Extreme Field Target Grand Prix – (Friday and Saturday Mornings)
Air Guns of Arizona Grand Prix Rules link https://extremebenchrest.com/extreme-benchrest-rules/

The Extreme Field Target Event will be limited to 60 competitors with match time starting for all competitors at 9:00 am, Friday and Saturday mornings. We will have 13 lanes, 25 targets, with 4-5 competitors per squad, depending on the number of contestants. There will be two targets per lane with two shots on each. 100fpe & .30 caliber or less only. Your scope power must be set to 32 or less.

The targets are mostly swingers with backstops that will be painted white so you can see your misses. Any movement of the spinner is considered a hit. The non-shooting squad mates will time, score and spot for the shooting competitor. If you have a spotting scope or binoculars, please bring them.

Competitors will have 3 min. to take their 4 shots. Each hit will count for 5 points, for 250 points possible; matching up with the total possible in the 100 yard Bench Rest and the Big Bore matches so we can have the Combined Awards too.

Targets will be placed at 25 yards to 110 yards. The smallest spinner is 7/8” and largest is 4”. One lane will be supported, standing offhand.

Combined Two Best Scores Bonus Prize
The best two of your scores will be counted in the bonus prize money for the Combined Best Scores awards.

You can enter in all four events: Extreme Field Target – 100 yard Bench Rest – 150- 370 yard Big Bore Challenge – and/or the Big Bore/Cowboy Firearm Challenge.

100 yard Bench Rest – (Friday and Saturday Afternoons)
The bench rest relays will be shot Friday and Saturday after the field target and lunch, starting at 1:00 pm. There will be 4 relays of 15 competitors, allowing for 60 total participants. There will be 20 min to shoot your card and 5 min to remove your equipment from the bench. Relay start times will be reversed for the second card on Saturday. Your best single card will be chosen to add to your other best score, pulled from up to three other events, to determine your score in the bonus Extreme Combined Challenge. If you are lucky enough to make the 15 top finalists for Sunday, then we include that card in determining your best card. But then again, you don’t have to make the finals in bench rest to win big in the combined prizes. You might shoot one really great card in qualifying but poop out on your second card and not make the finals with your two card total.
The finals winners in the 100 yard Bench Rest are chosen by the combined three days cards, not the best card/score on Sunday’s match.


150 to 370 yard Big Bore Challenge
The Big Bore Challenge will be contested in the afternoons Friday and Saturday, like the 100 yard Bench Rest, and I’ve tried to allow as much time between your relays in each event as possible.

We will have 5 lanes/benches with only one “Quadrant” target on each lane at distances between 150 and 370 yards. Hitting the center bull spinner will be worth 10 points and the outside 4 square swingers will be worth 5 points each for a possible 50 points per lane, or 250 points for the match.

You will get 5 mins to take your 5 shots, plus 3 min to get moved and setup on the next bench, before the next 5 min clock starts. Competitors waiting, and those who have shot already, will be encouraged to help with the scoring and spotting for those shooting. Filling your gun during the 5 min shoot time is allowed, but it must be kept on the shooting bench and pointed downrange at all times. Up to 30 competitors will shoot Friday and the same on Saturday.

150 to 370 yard Air Gun Big Bore vs Cowboy Firearm Challenge
The top 15 winners from the Air Gun Big Bore Challenge will be offered a spot, with 15 Cowboy/Girl Firearm competitors. The Match relays will start Sunday morning at 9:00am and should finish up by noon or so.

Acceptable firearms/ammo include any pistol ammo commonly used to shoot Cowboy Action events, shot in any rifle; like a 225gr .45 cal. long colt shot in a Marlin 1894 lever action rifle. Basically, Sub-Sonic Black Powder ammo only is allowed. Just trying to get the trajectory and power levels fairly close to the Big Bore air rifles. Any sights or scopes are allowed. Kentucky long rifles are encouraged!! Distance to the targets will be posted. We plan to call a cold line and repaint the targets once per hour.

The firearm entry spots will first be offered to competitors that didn’t compete in any of the Air Gun Events, but if there are any spots available the morning of the match, then air gun competitors can take those spots based on a first come, first serve waiting list. A list will be available to pre-sign up. If you don’t have, or don’t want to bring yours, I will have my .45LC Marlin 1894, dialed in and available for a run thru the line…. For a price of course to cover ammo etc.

In order for the prizes to be $1,000 & $1,500 for first place, and award prizes down to 5th place, and also award the Combined Prizes & Big Bore/Firearm event, the match fees need to be $100 per event. If you register for all 3, then the price is only $250… AND you potentially have 4 chances for two good winning scores and a better chance at the extra combined prize money. With the total entries limited to 60, the odds of at least getting match fees back are pretty good.

IF you win all 4 events, you would bag $5,500 in total cash and prizes. AND, you don’t have to pay for events you don’t plan on competing in. EVEN if you only register for 2 events, you still have a chance to win some combined prize money.

I prefer emailing me for a registration form and using PayPal as a friend or mailing back the form with a check.. Bank processing fees are nastily high. Or the website will soon have registration available at airgunoregon.com

Wayne Burns, Email me for a registration form at wayne@airgunoregon.com
Match Director,
AOA Extreme & Air Gun Oregon
Air Gun Challenge 2023


Oregon State 2023 & AAFTA Grand PrixAir Rifle & Pistol Field Target Championships4268 Hwy 99 South, Ashland, OregonPistol Friday July 14th Rifle July 15th & Sunday 16t


All AAFTA Rifle & Pistol rules and classes apply. See at www.aafta.org The “Western Free Style” class will also be allowed. In any matters arising and not covered by these rules, the Match Director’s decision will be final.

Emigrant Lake campground is close by and has tent and full hookup site available, with flush toilets and hot shower available onsite. Match site link, you can expand to see the campground site. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Oak+Haven+B%26B/@42.1489461,-122.6444869,805m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x54cf0d25dd7b0885:0x8bb3cc3e53200f6e!8m2!3d42.1489461!4d-122.6422982

Practice begins on the sight in line for registered competitors, on Friday between 7am and 7pm. Equipment inspection and FPE testing will be done before you get to sight in and during the matches at testing lanes.

NO lasers or separate range finding devices are allowed, (except for the “Western Free Style” class/squads), and anyone seen with a range finder on the course at any time before or during any of the pistol or rifle matches will be disqualified.

Safety Meeting will be at 2:45pm on Friday afternoon. Match starts at 3:00Pm. This will be a 42 shot course, 7 lanes, 3 targets per lane, with two shots per target. Targets will be set from 10 to 35 yards and kill zones will be from ½” to 2”. Timers will be given with the score cards. Competitors are allowed 7 minutes to make 6 shots. One lane will be standing only. Note that this course is also open to “Basic Break Barrel rifles”, (if 3 shooters preregister), with 12 X or less scopes.

Unlimited class pistols can shoot the RIFLE course and win separate awards if 3 shooters register.

Competitors can start sight in practice for the Rifle Field Target match at 7am. Safety Meeting begins at 9:45am. The match starts at 10:00am. This will be a 51 shot course, with 17 lanes, 3 targets per lane, and ONE shot per target. Timers will be given with the score cards. Competitors will be allowed 4 minutes; to set up, make their 3 shots. Time starts when you enter the shooters box. One lane will be standing and one will be kneeling.

Bring your favorite low power offhand rig for the afternoon and evening side shoots.

Competitors can start sight in practice for the Rifle Field Target match at 7am. Safety Meeting begins at 9 am. The match starts at 9;15 am. This will be a 51 shot course, with 17 lanes, 3 targets per lane, and ONE shot per target. Timers will be given with the score cards. Competitors will be allowed 4 minutes; to set up, make their 3 shots. Time starts when you enter the shooters box. One lane will be standing and one will be kneeling.

SUNDAY FREE LUNCH STARTS as you finish the course. AWARD PRESENTATIONS will follow. Hopefully awards will be done by 1:30 or so for those who might need a quick exit for travel.

Wayne Burns
Match Director ,
2022 Oregon St. Air Gun Field Target Championships

Online Registration forms: airgunoregon.com

Cost is $75. Use pay pal (friends) at wayne.burns@naturalyards.com, or make check payable to Wayne Burns, for 2022 Oregon State Field Target Championships. Online registration at airgunoregon.com

Send to: Wayne Burns, PO Box 3180, Ashland, Oregon 97520
Match Director: Wayne Burns
Cell phone – Five 41-Five 31-6926 email wayne@airgunoregon.com

Places to stay near the Venue:

Campground near Emirgrant Lake

Emirgrant Lake Campgound

Cedar Wood Inn

Relax Inn

Flagship Inn

Windsor Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Campgrounds next door to the Venue
Glenyan Private campground


Free Onsite camping available to the first 8 who register to compete

Extreme BenchRest 75 & 100 yards

Ashland Air Rifle Range hosts EBR air rifle matches using the Extreme BenchRest Rules at the Ashland Gun And Archery Range in Ashland Or.  Check our calendar for event dates, but in general, a match is held the first weekend of each month at the 100 yard range.

Extreme Field Target & Speed Silhouette

AARR also hosts EFT Extreme Field Target and timed speed silhouette matches using the Outdoor Speed Silhouette Rules at the Ashland Gun club range in Ashland Or.  Check our calendar for event dates, but in general, a match is held the first weekend of each month at the 100 yard range.

American Hunter Rifle Class

AAFTA Hunter Rifle classes in Piston and PCP is limited to a 16 power scope,(a higher power scope can be used and turned down to the 16 mark), but  allows up to 20 fpe, along with a bi pod and stool (with no arm rests) or bucket, and so the game is very different from the WFTF 12fpe game. Especially in terms of having to read the wind, endurance conditioning and need to know the actual distance to each target.  A typical pellet shot from a 12 fpe air rifle will have about 3” of wind movement at 55 yards with a 5 mph cross wind, and over 3.5” of drop in point of impact from a zero of 25 yards at 55 yards. With the same wind, a 20 fpe air rifle will only have to deal with about 2” of wind movement and 1.5” of drop at 55 yards.

American Open Class

AAFTA Open classes in Piston and PCP also allow up to 20fpe, but no bi pod or higher seat.  Instead, a harness that goes over the shooters shoulders and supports their back with straps that hook around their knees when sitting.  This can create a very comfortable and stable platform for those with a bad back, but are still easily able to get up and down from the ground.

World Class Competitions

The American style of WFTF Class uses almost the exact same rules as the  WFTF rules  which limit competitors rifles to12 fpe (foot pounds of energy) and no bipods, buckets or harnesses.  But at World field target club and championship matches around the world, competitors only shoot one shot per target on 25 lanes and 50 targets per day, while the AAFTA game is almost always two shots on each target on 12 to 15 lanes and 24 or 30 targets.  That second shot on the same target usually has a much better chance of a knock down. The American game under the AAFTA rules provides for a wider variety of body types and physical conditioning. To play under the WFTF world rules, one must be able to get down on, and up from, a 6” or less high bumbag 25 times a day, and not all would be competitors can do this.  

So, sitting on a higher bucket or stool and using a bipod in Hunter class, or a sitting harness in Open class, helps a lot more folks stay in or join the American game.  While the American game has less getting up and down for our Hunter and Open classes, with less lanes and two tries on each target, the chance for ranging or guessing the wind wrong and missing is cut in half compared to the world game and courses.  That’s fine if you only plan to compete locally or nationally. 

But, this has a negative effect on the USA team at the WFTF World Championships because all year they have been playing almost all their AAFTA Grand Prix series and National Championships matches on shorter courses with two shots per target.  At AARR we have one shot per target courses for those who want to practice for the WFTF Championships, and two shots per target courses for AAFTA competitors. See the official AAFTA Rules for more details about classes. 

Safety Rules

AARR is sanctioned by AAFTA and abides by the AAFTA  Safety Rules These Safety Rules will be strictly enforced. As a member, you are required to know these rules and demonstrate proper safety at all times.  Anyone abusing these rules may be expelled from the shooting range and match participation.

AAFTA 2021 National Championship Field Target Team Rules

  • Teams can consist of 4 or 5 competitors from a club or sponsored vendor, but only four of the scores are counted from the team in the final score.
  • Each team must have at least one piston class shooter.
  • The four scores that count, must include a piston shooters score.




Extreme bench rest and Extreme field target at Ashland Gun Club




Extreme bench rest and Extreme field target at Ashland Gun Club




Extreme bench rest and Extreme field target at Ashland Gun Club




Extreme bench rest and Extreme field target at Ashland Gun Club