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Top quality equipment is great and a pleasure to shoot, but it’s not absolutely necessary in order to have a whole lot of fun or even a solid chance to get in the winners circle. 

There are so many choices even after you pick a particular class and shooting style.  

That’s why it’s a good idea to just come out and see the courses and try out our different price ranges of rental equipment before you buy.


We are airgun and related equipment dealers.  We stock a small inventory and can order whatever equipment you may desire.  We have equipment that is popular with the top competitors (USFT, Air Arms, Falcon, Kral, Marauders and others) for you to try before you buy.  If you decide to buy through us, know that our prices include helping you set it all up and making sure the equipment fits you properly for your best success.  This means no equipment setup fee which is for equipment bought elsewhere.

We also stock some scopes, mounts and rifle/body support aids and a variety of pellets that have proven to perform best in our equipment and for the game of field target and for hunting local pests.  

Everything you need to get shooting is here! Just bring your desire and we will help you to learn, compete, and or practice the game of Field Target or hunt pests.  If you have all your own supplies and equipment, you can simply rent time on our facilities.

A side note:  Wayne’s belief is that there are many quality field target air rifles that range from $400 to $1000 that are accurate enough to win any major field target match if one can range the target and get steady to break your shot, as well as the top competitors.  Position, practice and experience reading the wind are more important than the minor difference in accuracy between most of the quality standard field target equipment on the market. The high end equipment ($1,200-$4,000), usually needs almost as much post purchase tuning and fitting to one’s shape and style as the low end rigs.