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AirGunOregon provides personal training and group lessons for anyone wanting to learn the fun and challenging sport of airgun field target in all six of the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) and two World Field Target Federation (WFTF) classes. Whether you are new to airguns and have yet to pull a trigger, or an experienced shooter looking to improve your game, we can help you get into the sport and become more competitive with personalized sessions, ranging from beginner lessons to advanced competitors and Match Director course setting training.



First you’ll learn the basics of gun safety.  As a beginner, we’ll walk you through the process of trying out different airgun equipment until you find a class and equipment that works best for you. After choosing a class to focus on, you will begin learning the basics of airgun field target, including safety guidelines, equipment features and shooting posture, proper scope use and eye relief, and basic range-finding of targets. As you get more experienced, lessons will progress to more advanced topics, such as adjusting your aim for wind and trajectory, and trigger control, brake and follow-through.



These lessons will dive deeper into the core principles and challenges of airgun field target, including expert techniques for predicting wind direction and velocity by reading terrain features, creating charts to adjust for accurate aim points, adjusting range finding for elevation changes, and maintaining a stable shooting position while adjusting between lanes in competitive course settings.

Personal training sessions include the reading of terrain features to gauge the wind effects on your pellets up or downward path. 



Advanced training sessions include the different types of air rifle barrels effects on the pellets path.   Choosing the right equipment (if you can afford to change equipment for different match conditions) for the type of match conditions. Lessons take place on AAFTA and WFTF regulation courses, using professional grade equipment, with personal training by our most advanced field target experts.

Advanced classes will delve deeper into the core principles and challenges of field target, with lessons focused on the use of our highest level competition equipment and one-on-one time with our experts. Advanced training lessons include but are not limited to:

  • Reading the Wind
    Predicting wind direction and velocity from terrain features, plant movement and visible heat waves and creating custom charts to adjust for accurate aim points.


  • Bracket Range Finding & Adjusting for Elevated Shots
    Adjusting your range finding for steep uphill and downhill targets.


  • Fast Target Acquisition
    You can learn the best ways to keep your most stable position while shifting to find and set up on targets within the time allowed in advanced contest formats.



Mounting your scope properly for your personal eye relief and shooting position.  Getting your scope “zeroed” properly so you are using the center or best part of the glass. And installing inclinometers, levels, knee risers, butt hooks, thigh rests etc for the best fit to your shooting position..

We can help you choose and set up the right equipment for your best shooting position and style, so you can get the most accuracy from yourself and your equipment.


Our team also can help new clubs and match directors with the art of setting a safe field target course to match the skill of the shooters competing.  A course that is too difficult can discourage new competitors and can keep them from coming back or joining your club, just as a course too easy will bore the top shooters.  We can show you how to use terrain features to test the competitors wind reading skills.

We also have 80 targets available to rent out for your event. We will be happy to help make sure your first club matches are safe, challenging and fun. 

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