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The game of airgun field target is most likely the most challenging shooting sport.

The competitor must learn about equipment; trajectory and distance; and wind reading to succeed.  The steel targets are placed on courses with uphill and downhill terrain; between features such as trees and boulders; in open field situations with higher wind velocities; and all at random distances from 10 to 55 yards.  The shooter MUST know the trajectory and wind movements of the pellet at any of the distances the targets might be placed at. That might seem simple, but it is not. It’s fun to try, understand your miss, or rejoice in your victory with a target falling.  Knocking over all the targets on a course is the ultimate challenge. 

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And more fun!

Field target air guns shoot lead pellets that cost $.05 to $.07 each.  Firearm ammo can cost more than a $1.00 per shot. You can get into the game for a couple hundred bucks and have a lot of fun knocking down targets with low-cost equipment on our Basic Break Barrel rifle courses.  More advanced, accurate and expensive (1-4k) equipment is certainly available, but either way, you play the game for about 5 or 6 pennies per shot for your ammo. That’s about 20 times more shooting fun for your money!  And no more beating up your shoulder from recoiling and noisy firearms.

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No matter how you score, lifetime friends are made.

Field Target shooters are generally some of the nicest men and women you will ever compete with.  Experienced shooters will often freely offer advice to new shooters and truly rejoice when that new person beats them someday.  Men, women and younger adults compete side by side, and women or young adults can win overall class awards , but are also given awards for highest scores among other women and juniors.  Most matches are followed by afternoon lunches and evenings with a few brews around the campfire discussing equipment and shots made or missed. Earn a place on our club’s team or even the USA team, and travel to fun matches and compete with other top shooters from around the world.